• Nesting art pedestals stands in black or white color

    Nesting pedestals and columns

    For art display sculpture and art objects

    All our nesting art display pedestals are available in black or in white color.

  • High quality nesting pedestals for sculptures for sale

    Nesting pedestals and bases

    For sale for art display

    For several years Pedestals and Supports proposes sculpture pedestals bases and columns to sculptors, shops, gallery owners and art lovers all over Europe.

  • Smart Design sculpture pedestal and base for sale for art display

    Modern Design pedestal and base for artwork

    Contemporanio, a high quality art display pedestal.

    This specially designed pedestal is ideal for showing your artwork.

  • Quatuor and Quatuor (S) for a perfect way of showing your products in your shop or window display.

    Smart nesting display pedestals and bases for shops and window display

    Exist in white or in black color

    All of our display pedestals shop accessories are made of high quality steel.

  • Interlocking pedestals for artwork
  • Pedestals made in the European Union
  • 351,60 € tax incl.
    3 Review(s)

    Elegant Design art display pedestal for sculpture and art work. Its dimensions are 100 cm high with a plateau of 36 cm large and supports weights up to 30 kilos. This modern rectangular metal column will beautifully display any sculpture, glass art, or modern pieces. On order only.

    351,60 €
    In stock
  • 351,60 € tax incl.
    8 Review(s)

    3 steel smart nesting art display pedestals made to fit together: 90x30x30, 95x34x34, 100x38x38cm. They each support weights up to 50 kilos. Nesting, they are practical to transport and to stock and  are ideal for sculptors and galery owners. The total weight of these 3 nesting pedestals is 18 kilos. Exist in white or black color.

    351,60 €
    In stock
  • 192,00 € tax incl.
    6 Review(s)

    Pedestal for Art display made of steel mesuring 100 x 38 x 38cm. Being discrete, this base is ideal to show your artwork. Easy to transport this base is ideal for sculptors, gallery owners or art lovers. Available in white or black. For other dimensions please contact us.

    192,00 €
    In stock
  • 468,00 € tax incl.
    17 Review(s)

    Set of 5 smart nesting pedestals made of steel with the following sizes: 85x26x26, 90x30x30, 95x34x34, 100x38x38, 105x42x42cm They exist in black or white color and support weights up to 50 kilos. The total weight of these 5 nesting pedestals and columns is 28 kilo Lower tables exist. Please take a look at the Penta(S) model. Custom made pedestals and...

    468,00 €
    In stock
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    Our pedestals are also available custom made. Do not hesitate to contact 00 33 (0)6 73 37 13 01 or by using our contact (at) socles-et-supports.com

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Smart nesting display pedestals for sculptures, galleries and artlovers.

For years Pedestals and Supports offer pedestals, bases and supports made of steel for sculptors, gallery owners and art lovers. These nesting pedestals and bases, made in Europe, are of high quality and are particularly well finished. We organize fast transport to all European countries.

On demand our pedestals and bases can be custom made with advantageous prices.

Many galleries and sculptors have bought our pedestals  and are extremely satisfied.

Jan Peeman sculpteur Socles et Supports

Just a little presentation of myself: My name is Jan PEEMAN and I am myself a sculptor since over 30 years. (watch my personnal video presentation). Often I had to find practical durable and extetical solutions to exhibit my work. What I needed most were display pedestals for sculpture taking as less space as possible, easy to transport and to store. I found the solution thanks to an experimented craftsman who produces design and elegant pedestals and bases of constant quality. They are all made in Europe.

To discover more about the company, you can watch the socles and supports video.

Our last models Contemporanio, Elegance and Muralis are especially designed for art and design lovers.


SASU Socles et Supports

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Mobile phone: +33 673 371 301

Le sclupteur Jan Peeman

Nesting Design elegant and practical modern display pedestals, bases and columns for sculpture, art work, shops and gallery.

Elegant and practical quality nesting steel pedestals, bases and supports.

The company Pedestals and Supports offers modern elegant design practical quality steel nesting sculpture pedestals for art display and art galleries.

We offer nesting pedestals bases and columns to sculptors, shops, galleries and art lovers. Very practical, easy to transport and to store they are ideal for improving your exhibitions. Our pedestals and bases an be used for outside exhibitions.

New especially developped models for shops and product display have been added to our catalogue. The model consisting of 6 shop display supports Tertio and Tertio (S) as well as 8 tables for display Quatuor and Quatuor (S)

Many sculptors, gallery owners and art lovers in Europe have purchased our models of nesting pedestals and are very satisfied. The French Ministry of Culture has ordered several custom made pedestals for one of their exhibitions.

The Penta model (see for more detail) which consists of five nesting bases remains the most popular one and has been sold over a 1000 times all, over Europe.

Other models are available like the 4 nesting pedestals Quatuor and three nesting bases Tertio.

Several other models are available and it is possible to order custom made art pedestals stands. All our pedestals and beses are made in Europe and are of high quality.

We also have several elegant design models for art lovers Contemporanio and Elegance. For small artwork we have wall pedestals.

It is possible that the measurements of our pedestals and columns are not suitable for you. Please contact us for a quote price for custom pedestals on +33 (0673371301) or by emailing us with your desired dimensions at: contact (at) socles-et-supports.com. We can also strengthen your pedestals to support higher weights. Other colors are also possible.

Shipping to all of Europe.